Creative director and multidisciplinary artist based in Istanbul who uses a variety of mediums including: graphic&motion design, 3D design, digital film and audio production. Working on creative projects and campaigns mainly for entertainment, technology, fashion, music and media.

BA degree in Graphic Design + MA degree in Visual Communication Design.
He has an approved Master's thesis titled "Cross-modal Usage in Audiovisual Synchronization for Communication Design”.

Mete Yafet has delivered visual solutions ranging from concept development to creative execution for some of the top global brands. He has also directed fashion films and large scale experiential visual events. As an independent artist his works are featured in various exhibitions and publications by: "IdN, Scene360, See Me, Ello and Spoon Magazine".



- Art Takes Miami - Scope Show, Art Basel (USA, 2018)
- Underscore Zine by Ello (CA, 2018)
- Art Takes Times Square - Chashama NYC (USA, 2018)
- Scene360 Magazine: Mete Yafet (USA, 2017)
- Cross Connect Magazine (USA, 2017)
- Scene360 Magazine: The Future is Now (USA, 2017)
- Myartisreal Magazine (USA, 2016)
- Spoon Magazine (UK, 2016)
- suckerPUNCH Daily (UK, 2013)
- IdN Magazine “ The New Twenties” (USA, 2011)
- Local Illustrators - Mtaar Gallery (TR, 2010)
- Candy Collective Magazine (IRL, 2010)
- Subconscious - Mtaar Gallery (TR, 2010)
- Mete Yafet Solo - 645 Gallery (TR, 2009)


- Erra - Neon, Album (Sumerian Records, USA 2018)
- Housewife, Movie (RLJ Entertainment, USA 2018)
- Milan Fashion Week Event: Gate Milano (IT 2018)
- Nunc, AV 360 Dance Performance (TR 2016-2017)
- Baskin, Movie (IFC Films:USA, XYZ Films:EU 2015)
- Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Live Festival (TR, 2015)
- GE Healthcare UX Medical Congress (UAE, 2014)
- HP UX/Interactive - One Love Festival (TR 2014)
- Red Bull Music Academy Radio Festival (TR 2014)
- Mauna Kea - Scales, Album (ADA Music, TR 2013)
- Chalayan X MAVI Jeans Launch (The Seed, TR 2013)
- Turkcell: Communication History AV (Santral, TR 2013)
- Samsung Galaxy Launch: Bob Sinclar Live (TR 2013)
- Dj Shadow&Star Slinger: All Basses Covered (TR 2012)