The full interview featured in Underscore, a publication by Ello.

1. The notion of Underscore is its definition: to emphasize. If there is one reflection of yourself emphasized in your work, what is it?

I usually work improvizationally without a direction so I believe what I emphasize naturally comes inside from the story as it grows. As a reflection of myself I guess this would be the love for being open and present.

2. What usually sparks an idea for you or acts as the impetus for a new project? If your work is so do you know when a piece is finished?

It could be almost anything like a dream,a dialogue, a song or a movie scene.It is fine as long as I'm not exactly sure where the idea is originally coming from. I like how mind sculpts the inspiration organically over time. Honestly I'm never sure when a piece is finished! The best way is to work with a deadline otherwise the work expands itself.

3. How do you show this in your work, e.g., subject matter, media, color, texture, etc.?

All the subject matter,texture and color play a big role in this. It feels more meaningful when everything looks connected together in harmony. I also believe this is an essential task to achieve when working in 3D.

4. Is there some connection to what your personal emphasis is in your work and a larger cultural connection?

Definitely, we are products of larger cultural communities as individuals that gets shaped directly from the moment we born. This spontaneous way of life itself is my biggest inspiration and connection when creating art.

5. Can you describe your personal larger cultural community? How does that shape your work?

Where I was born and live is a place that is culturally shaped by eastern myths, religious tales and traditional issues that actually differs hell of a lot from my contemporary based and mostly western influenced perspective. I'm not trying to mix or shape anything and not sure how it all adds up but I guess there has to be an unintentional touch from both of the worlds storywise.

6. What other media influences beyond fine art inspirations have driven this sense of self in your work?

I get inspired a lot from electronic music and sound design. I love generative modular synth music without predictable directions.

7. Can you provide three words that describe yourself in your work?

Presence, Balance, Freedom